Kevin Magnussen is looking forward to potentially battling with multiple world champions again during the Italian Grand Prix.

During the Belgian Grand Prix, Magnussen held off Fernando Alonso for a number of laps while also going wheel-to-wheel with team-mate Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel. After qualifying an impressive fifth in Monza, Magnussen has the same three drivers directly behind him and feels he has the car to repeat that performance.

Asked if the car was still handling the way he liked after his race in Spa, Magnussen replied: "Yeah, I really think so.

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"I feel it's been better in the last couple of races in terms of racing other people. It's nice to have a car that's stable even when you launch at someone and when you try to brake really late that you can still stop it and it just feels more stable like that.

"So that's nice. I think in Spa we had a good straight-line speed compared to the people that I was racing so that really helps. Hopefully we will have the same here and are able to challenge the guys that we are based around."

While Magnussen would like to move forward in the race he concedes Williams and Mercedes could be too quick in race trim.

"Fifth and sixth is pretty solid for the team. In fact, I didn't think our qualifying pace would be quite that strong. I'm really happy to have the power from the Mercedes engine behind me - and hopefully we can challenge the other Mercedes runners in front of us. The Williams cars look a bit stronger than ours, and the Mercs too obviously, but I still think we can give it a go and score some good points."