Daniel Ricciardo has admitted he may have to take a "few risks" in the Italian Grand Prix after only qualifying in ninth.

Ricciardo was hoping to maybe get a top-five or top-six grid slot. However, in the top-ten shootout he was unable to do better than a 1m 25.709s, leaving him 0.273 seconds off team-mate, Sebastian Vettel in P8 and 0.395 seconds behind Kevin Magnussen in fifth.

Reflecting on the session, he conceded he was "disappointed", even though he expected it to be tricky.

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"Realistically we knew we would struggle more here, but I'm still disappointed," he told reporters at Monza, including Crash.net. "I think once everyone bolted on less downforce we knew it would be trickier.

"But, yeah, we would still have loved better than eighth and ninth. We were hoping for top-five. We knew that would be a bit of stretch, but sixth was a bit of a target. So, a little bit off that.

"Obviously we will try and make up for it tomorrow. However with a one-stop race it doesn't leave us too much opportunity with strategy. It is probably just a case of having a good start, maybe taking a few risks and hoping something comes off - as in a good thing and not something coming off the car!"

Quizzed on if the top-speed was the main issue, he replied: "It [the lack of it] doesn't help us, yeah. We seem to lose quite a bit there."

"I think other cars mechanically and their downforce and the way their cars are behaving in the medium to high speed corners is good as well," he continued.

"I think everyone is improving always [too] but the top speed is probably the biggest thing - it is hard to bring [that] back with so few corners."

"We were not quite there today," he added.