Nico Rosberg says there is "no possible reason" why he would make a deliberate mistake to concede position to team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

While leading the Italian Grand Prix - with Hamilton closing in - Rosberg ran wide at Turn 1, a mistake which allowed Hamilton to comfortably inherit the lead. With Toto Wolff having faced questions over whether the error could have been deliberate, Rosberg says there isn't a situation where such a move would be required.

"I've heard about that, but what would be the reason for me to do something like that deliberately," Rosberg said. "There is no possible reason. If you're ordered by the team to do it then you would do it, but there is no reason why the team would ask me to change position, or something like that.

"The only thing in people's minds could be Spa, but Spa was a mistake which I've apologised for. There were the necessary talks and everything, but that's it, it's forgotten.

"It's not something where I have to give back something. Mistakes, errors happen, and that's the way it is, (I make) an apology and on we go. It's not like we now start shuffling and things like that, so there is no reason why I would do something like that on purpose."

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Having run wide twice at the first chicane, Rosberg said he had done so on a number of occasions in the build-up to the race as well.

"They might look a bit strange, but I did it in practice. I can make the corner, no problem, but there is an extremely high probability my tyre will be square afterwards, so I would need to do two pit stops and I'd lose a lot of time. At that point I just decided to go straight on. With Lewis I should have tried to see how it went. I don't know, I just messed up."


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You guys!!!

As I posted on an earlier thread -

It emerged after the race that the footage of a smiling Toto was pre-recorded from earlier, and slotted in at the 'appropriate' moment.
It seems the media are not adverse to trying to stoke up the conspiracy theories to add some extra spice to the proceedings.