Lewis Hamilton says he felt like he had the pace on team-mate Nico Rosberg all weekend as he won the Italian Grand Prix despite a poor start.

Starting from pole, Hamilton dropped to fourth place by Turn 1 and had to climb back in to second over the opening ten laps before chasing down Rosberg. With his team-mate making a mistake after the pit stops, Hamilton took the lead and eased to victory and he said it had felt like the race was his to win barring any problems all weekend.

"I've generally felt like I've always been in good shape," Hamilton said. "But I came here with a positive attitude. Hoping just for no issues. I guess the cool thing about [the Italian Grand Prix] is that I had another serious one and I managed to pull through it.

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"All those experiences I've had kind of have prepared me for it and I'm still looking for one of those weekends where we don't have any troubles. Clearly I had the pace on everyone and on Nico and I felt that way all weekend. So, I'm going to make sure that's the case moving forwards."

And Hamilton said one of the biggest positives from the race weekend was the way in which he kept his composure despite his start issue.

"I think when you're preparing for the race you generally do everything near enough the same but you have to be prepared for the unexpected. I'm quite grateful that I didn't lose it, I didn't end up crashing in the first corner, I didn't end up touching anyone, I didn't end up locking or anything like that.

"So, managed to keep my composure even though this thing... what it is, is a button that engages a system which controls the RPM, helps you control the RPM, and when that doesn't engage, the RPM just goes all over the place, so you're not able to get normal starts, so a correct launch.

"I don't know what the problem was, I guess the guys will investigate it and we'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again. I'm just grateful that I was able to not lose too many places and the also recover from that."


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SkyWilk: You also had Toto smiling... whatever that means.[\blockquote]

It actually means nothing.
It emerged after the race that the footage of a smiling Toto was pre-recorded from earlier, and slotted in at the 'appropriate' moment.
It seems the media are not adverse to trying to stoke up the conspiracy theories to add some extra spice to the proceedings.