Felipe Massa says he doesn't see his podium in the Italian Grand Prix as a message to his former team Ferrari.

Having driven for Ferrari from 2006 until last season, Massa joined Williams at the start of the year and scored his first podium for the team at Monza. With Fernando Alonso retiring from the race and Massa's replacement Kimi Raikkonen finishing ninth, Massa was asked if he had sent a message to Ferrari with his result but he said the only added aspect of the podium was to stand in front of Ferrari's fans.

"I was trying everything to be the first driver all the time in my career," Massa said. "So, whatever team I was, I had difficult times but it is part of our lives. Sometimes you have times that are a little bit more difficult than you expected but you need to fight against it, you need to go forwards.

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"I always fight. It's not a message. We are fighting with Ferrari as well, that's not a message. We need to do everything we can to be in front of them. I'm not driving to Ferrari any more. I have an incredible heart for Ferrari, they are really inside my heart and they will always be because I had an incredible time there, a great time there. But now I am in another team and we need to fight with everybody, not just Ferrari but Red Bull, Mercedes, everybody.

"We need to try to be in front of everybody and [on Sunday] we did a fantastic job so we were on the podium. I think it's a message that we're competitive. It's a message that we are there, that we are fighting. It's not something that I need to... I have nothing against anybody.

"I just want to be in front of these people [the Tifosi], which they really like me. I had an incredible time with them for many years. It's not that I'm not in red anymore that I don't have the same pleasure and happiness to be there in front of these incredible people."


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Was good to see a couple of his ex pit crew there to meet him after the race. Nice touch.