Toto Wolff has revealed that Lewis Hamilton didn't ignore his race engineer at the start of his second stint in the Italian Grand Prix.

Hamilton said post-race that he "chose another route" after re-joining from his second pit stop behind Nico Rosberg and that instead of waiting and then attacking at the end, as he had been advised, immediately went on the offensive because he felt holding back "wasn't the way forward".

That decision forced Rosberg into a mistake and allowed the Briton to come through and claim the victory.

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However, Wolff has now clarified that Hamilton didn't go against his engineer and that another message was subsequently given to the drivers that was not broadcast.

"Not all communications are being broadcast. So, after the pit stop the message was, I think, we should save the tyres on both cars and take it to the end and then let them fight at the end," Wolff explained.

"We changed the opinion, though, because there was clearly a possibility for the driver that was following to overtake at the beginning of the stint and at the end of the stint. So, we came back with the message to the drivers that they were actually free to use whatever modes were available.

"So, it was absolutely according to plan."

Meanwhile, Wolff was also asked if he was impressed with Hamilton's mental strength over the Monza weekend, especially in light of recent events and what happened at Spa.

"Yes, I am impressed with Lewis actually since many races because he had some dreadful weekends, dreadful Saturday's and dreadful Sunday's [with bad luck] and he has always come back with a smile in the next race," Wolff replied.

"He was always in good spirits, good mood and that is something which is impressive in general."

"He made his way through the field [today], the way he overtook [Felipe] Massa, the way he 'overtook' Nico and pulled away and then pulled a gap was very impressive," he added.