Eric Boullier says Kevin Magnussen has been "punching above his weight" in some of his recent battles and urged him not to change his approach.

Magnussen was involved in a fight with Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel in Spa, eventually being penalised for forcing Alonso off-track. A similar penalty followed in Monza during a battle with Valtteri Bottas but Boullier said such races show just how well Magnussen has been performing of late.

"It's clear that he's stepping up," Boullier told a McLaren phone-in. "He's maybe punching above his weight, because obviously he doesn't have the car to be fast enough and chase better results, but he's trying his best.

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"I think it's good for him and good for the fans as well, good for the show I think, to see this young kid, and this young Viking, if I may say this, fighting with the big boys. Obviously it means his self-confidence is massively growing and it's good for his race craft, which is only going to [get] better and better."

While Boullier agreed with the first penalty, he said Magnussen was harshly treated in Italy and urged him not to change the way he drives as a result.

"I think the Spa penalty was deserved to be honest, and I believe not the one Monza. He was unfortunate to be penalised, but we believe it was obviously just a normal move and a legitimate defence.

"I don't think he will have to change his approach. I think Spa was a one-off, and Monza for us was unfortunate, let's say. I think he needs to keep building his confidence by doing what he's doing."


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but look at checo at monza ... did quite well i think
.. they all grow up