Force India team principal Vijay Mallya tells he feels Sergio Perez drove "brilliantly" in the Italian Grand Prix and is proving how talented he is.

Perez held off Jenson Button for a number of laps during a fierce battle at Monza, twice having to retake position after losing out to the McLaren. With Perez having finished seventh despite reliability issues, Mallya told he had been delighted with the way the McLaren had been kept at bay.

"I am a racer myself," Mallya said. "So quite apart from my responsibilities as team principal I really enjoyed the race. Checo drove brilliantly. To have a world champion chase you like Jenson did ... I think he just held his nerve and drove his heart out. It was great racing, very entertaining and I'm very happy to finish seventh ahead of McLaren and come away with some points."

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And Mallya added that he believes Perez has been driving at a high level all season but not always getting the results his performances have deserved.

"He hasn't had too much luck. See what happened in Montreal for instance; he was all set there for [at least] a fifth position finish and then he had that incident with Massa. There have been one or two others during the course of the season where he could have had better luck.

"But I've always had great respect for Checo's talent and his determination and that's why I chose him in the first place. A lot has been written about his time at McLaren but I just go back to basics. A top team like McLaren wouldn't have chosen him in the first place if he wasn't talented, so I was happy to have him and am happy to keep him."