Daniel Ricciardo admits that he is unlikely to be satisfied with his Red Bull car at next weekend's Singapore Grand Prix - but that's just how he likes it.

The Australian, who continues to harbour outside hopes of a world championship in his first year with Red Bull, admits that the evolution of the Marina Bay circuit won't allow the teams and drivers to rest across the three days of competition, as the streets gradually transform from everyday thoroughfares to F1 race track.

"The important thing in Singapore is to not get caught chasing the set-up on a Friday," Ricciardo explained, "It's one of those races where you're never completely satisfied with the amount of preparation that you do. The track is going to evolve - you've just got to be patient and let it happen without constantly tweaking your car, trying to hit a moving target.

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"When you walk around on Thursday, the surface always looks pretty dirty. Modern street races like this tend to wash and scrub the track, but even that doesn't really change the fact that what you're driving on is a public road, with all the grit and grime and dirt that those have. It means you're in for a slithery, bumpy weekend - which I love!"

Ricciardo's description of the track surface is somewhat ironic given Singapore's reputation as a 'clean' city, but Marina Bay remains a firm favourite amongst the drivers, who look forward to the challenge it presents.

"The circuit is fun but, at the same time, very challenging," Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel confirmed, "You have to get close to your limits and risk a lot in order to get the greatest efficiency out of your car.

"It's very long, there's no space for mistakes and the race just seems to go on forever. The toughest challenges are the heat and the amount of turns - the race track is a bumpy ride and you are being jogged around a lot in the driver's seat. The chicanes are very difficult to drive and you barely get to catch your breath. My greatest memories are the wins of 2011, 2012 and 2013, because I think it's one of the toughest races of the year."