Jean-Eric Vergne is looking forward to testing new parts for Toro Rosso at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The team failed to score a point at Monza as it struggled relative to the Mercedes-powered cars on the long straights. However, Toro Rosso will have a number of updates in Singapore and Vergne is eager to see how much more performance he will have around the Marina Bay circuit as a result.

"Singapore is possibly the most difficult Grand Prix for the driver, a really long race on a tricky track, in hot conditions," Vergne said. "The track surface is quite bumpy and demanding for the driver, but that makes it challenging which is why it's a track that I love. We will have some performance updates for this race and I hope that means we can make a step forward and get a good result."

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And focusing on the spectacle of racing at night, Vergne said he enjoys the timing of the schedule but doesn't notice any other major differences once he's in the car.

"The fact it's a night race has no real effect on how we tackle the race as visibility is good, in fact the lights are so bright that you don't even use a clear visor, instead I choose a medium tint. Racing at night is fun, it's quite cool to go to bed at five in the morning and get up at two in the afternoon and just stay on French time.

"Physical preparation is important as it is such a hot race, so we train in very hot conditions wherever possible during the European summer to prepare and I don't expect any problems on that front."