Retaining Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa as drivers for 2015 will help Williams attract new partners, according to deputy team principal Claire Williams.

Both drivers were confirmed as staying with the team next year in Monza, with Williams saying she feels the pairing can help deliver titles in the future. Having previously said the team has a strong platform to attract new partners from, when asked if retaining the current line-up helps in that field, Williams replied: "Yeah, it does, absolutely.

"Every partner that you talk to - our prospective partner that you talk to - wants to know who is going to be in your car next year. So that was another consideration for us."

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But Williams also said the team doesn't need to make any major steps to be able to fight for race wins and titles, just simply needs to focus on perfecting finer details.

"It's a lot about fine-tuning the processes. So a lot of the things that you could have got away with when you're fighting at the back - if you make certain mistakes they don't necessarily matter - but now it's about having everything working absolutely perfectly across every single element of your race team, and if it doesn't then that's when you drop points and you're not winning.

"So pieces are all coming together. It's looking across the board behind the scenes as well and making sure that we have everything in place, making sure the aero team is as strong as it needs to be, the track ops are as strong as they need to be. So we're still doing that piece of work behind the scenes; I'm not going to go in to great detail as to what it is but that's still going on and we know what we've got to do and how we need to achieve it."