Marussia sporting director Graeme Lowdon says the Singapore Grand Prix has the potential to be "one of the wildcard races".

Jules Bianchi finished ninth in Monaco, giving Marussia the two points that currently see it occupy ninth place in the constructors' championship. Speaking exclusively to, Lowdon said he is wary that Singapore offers similar opportunities for the smaller teams to secure a surprise result due to the long nature of the race around the city streets and usual high rate of attrition.

"There is always an opportunity at every race but in the past it's proved to be one of the wildcard races; an area where you can have wildcard results," Lowdon said. "Although we thoroughly enjoy Singapore it would be nice to move on to the next race with our championship position still in place. All the teams push, nothing is yours by rights in this game so we've just got to keep pushing as well and hopefully we can do what's needed for the rest of the season."

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However, Lowdon said Marussia has nothing to fear at Singapore having found it tends to perform well on the Marina Bay circuit.

"We've always done OK in Singapore. Timo was always good there, we had some good experiences in Singapore. It's such an exciting race as well, I think it's one of the favourites for a lot of people on our team - me included - and I like the way the format works where we're on European time. We seem to have more time at work, more time to rest and sleep ... I don't know how it quite works, there just seems to be more time!

"We'll go there, it's another race and we'll be enthusiastic. We'll see if we can try and keep pushing and hopefully Singapore will be kind to us."