Toto Wolff says the relationship between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton has become "very intense" as the season has progressed.

The two drivers go in to the Singapore Grand Prix 22 points apart following Hamilton's win in Italy, with that result coming two weeks after the pair collided at Spa. Wolff admits he has seen a clear change in the dynamic between the two as the year has gone on and said Hamilton and Rosberg have become "enemies" fighting for the championship.

"It has changed from, let's say, an almost amicable relationship at the beginning of the season to a very intense moment, where it was almost like realising these two are enemies competing for the world title," Wolff told the BBC.

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"It's also a learning process. These boys have been calibrated their whole life that their main priority is to win the drivers' championship in F1. And here they go - they are in the same car, competing against each other for that trophy and one is going to win and one is going to fail. This is a new experience for them - a difficult experience maybe."

But Wolff said Mercedes believes it is doing the right thing by allowing the drivers to race freely, even though it could result in the team becoming "a laughing stock" if it failed to win both championships.

"It is so intense and we are breaking new ground in letting the boys race in the way we do. So we are bound to make mistakes. I think that's the way it should be. You can be a politician or you can express your frustration.

"I don't know which one is right or wrong, but as a matter of fact it doesn't matter because if we lose the two championships with the cars we have, we have failed. We would be a laughing stock - and rightly so. And if we win, people are going to remember we had difficult situations and we managed them probably in the right way."