Ferrari engineering director Pat Fry says the team is going to be track testing 2015 parts during the upcoming races.

A strong weekend for Williams in Italy saw Ferrari slip to fourth in the constructors' championship with just two podiums to its name all season. While Fry is expecting to see a more competitive car in Singapore he admits attentions are turning to next season, saying Ferrari will be looking to progress the development of its new car by running certain parts during a race weekend.

"Monza was a tough weekend for us," Fry said. "So now we are regrouping and we will keep pushing forward, concentrating on getting the best out of the package we've got.

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"At this stage of the season, the focus in the factory is shifting more towards next year's car. However, there is still quite a lot we can learn from track testing, therefore we will be bringing some specific test components for next year and other developments for the F14 T, which will help our understanding for next year."

Focusing specifically on the Singapore weekend, Fry said he expects the race to be a big test for reliability for all the teams.

"Even though it's a night race, the temperatures are still very high, in the high 20s or low 30s, which puts heavy demands on the cooling systems for the engine and the ERS. In addition, the start-stop nature of the layout puts a high loading on the brake systems, with the front brakes in particular taking a real pounding."