Bernie Ecclestone says "it is terrible" that Luca di Montezemolo has left Ferrari.

Following a poor season for the F1 team so far, Montezemolo announced last week that he was leaving Ferrari as chairman after almost 23 years with the company, with FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne taking over. Ecclestone likened Montezemolo's departure to the death of Enzo Ferrari and said his influence will be missed.

"I don't know about what he is going to do," Montezemolo said. "But it is a pity that he has actually left Ferrari, in my opinion. And not just the racing side, the car side as well. He was a big influence. When I look at Enzo and look at Luca - they are the same. When we lost Mr Ferrari it was terrible, and now we have lost Luca it is terrible."

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When asked if he had any words of advice for Marchionne, Ecclestone said he would meet with the new Ferrari chairman soon.

"[It's] not for me to advise him about anything. I am going to see him shortly. He knows what to do because otherwise he would not have taken on the job."


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LdM leaving cuts the thread to Enzo Ferrari at a stroke. Whatever your opinion of the team/company, this is very sad.

FIAT-Chrysler have taken a big step to transforming Ferrari to just another team/company.