Felipe Massa says he is "completely against" the radio ban that will be enforced by the FIA from the Singapore Grand Prix.

The FIA has announced that it will rigorously enforce Article 20.1 of the sporting regulations which states: "The driver must drive the car alone and unaided." With the FIA listing a number of prohibited messages, Massa believes the timing is wrong for such a change and believes there could be a number of dangerous incidents as a result.

"For me it is a little bit funny that they change this type of thing in the moment that is not the correct moment," Massa said. "Maybe they changed it because they spoke too much to the old drivers. I think in some areas it is fine, if the team tells you not to use the tyres so much in Turn 5 because you are using more compared to your team-mate, this is okay not to say and it's not a problem.

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"But there are so many things in the car that we are doing that if you don't do them maybe there will be too much temperature in the rear brakes because the battery gets too hot and then you have a fire in the car. You can have a big accident and this is not something that is related to the driver, it is related to a very complicated power unit in the car.

"If you are not using the right settings then forget it, you will not do two laps. So situations like when Lewis had fire in his car, you can have that many times if you are not using the right settings. That is something that is not related to the driver but to the complicated system that we have. I'm against it, completely against it."

When asked if he had spoken to FIA race director Charlie Whiting about his feelings, Massa replied: "No, but I'm sure we will if the ruling stays like this. It will be a big fight tomorrow in the drivers' briefing."