Bernie Ecclestone says double points for the last race of the season is likely to be dropped in 2015.

The FIA announced last December that this year's season finale in Abu Dhabi will be worth double points, a regulation which has remained in place despite much criticism. However, Ecclestone reiterated his belief that double points should have applied for more than the last race but doesn't see the system remaining in place next season.

"I wanted it to be for the last three races and then people would believe it still possible for somebody else could win," Ecclestone said.

When asked if it was possible his wish could be granted in 2015, he replied: "No, they all say I'm mad, so we won't do it."

And on the topic of keeping double points at just the final race, Ecclestone admitted: "Don't know, probably not.

"We can't see whether it has worked, it depends. It just seemed to me the right way to keep the championship open, otherwise for the last three or four races, people are running in non-championship races."

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