The FIA has relaxed the ban on team radio messages following a meeting with team members in Singapore.

Last week, Charlie Whiting wrote to all the teams to inform them that the FIA would be dramatically reducing what a team is permitted to tell drivers via the strict enforcement of a regulation which states "The driver must drive the car alone and unaided". A list of prohibited and permitted messages was then released to clarify what teams could say via radio or pit board.

However, following a meeting with team members in Singapore, the FIA has delayed a ban on messages relating specifically to car performance until 2015 to allow teams more time to prepare for the change. As a result, only messages relating to driver performance will be prohibited from this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix onwards.

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An updated list of prohibited messages:

  • Driving lines on the circuit.
  • Contact with kerbs.
  • Car set up parameters for specific corners.
  • Comparative or absolute sector time detail of another driver.
  • Speeds in corners compared to another driver.
  • Gear selection compared with another driver.
  • Gear selection in general.
  • Braking points.
  • Rate of braking compared to another driver.
  • Rate of braking or application of brakes in general.
  • Car stability under braking.
  • Throttle application compared to another driver.
  • Throttle application in general.
  • Use of DRS compared with another driver.
  • Use of any overtake button.
  • Driving technique in general.