Pastor Maldonado said he "wasn't even pushing that hard" when he crashed and brought out the red flags in FP2 for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Halfway through the second session in Singapore, Maldonado ran wide and hit the wall on the outside of Turn 10, heavily damaging the car and caused the session to be stopped. Maldonado explained that it was just driver error with the car tough to handle on tyres which were already past their best after one flying lap.

"I just lost the car," Maldonado said. "It was too snappy and I lost the car in the middle of the corner, the exit is quite narrow and there was no way to recover the car.

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"Even the previous corner I had some big oversteer. Fortunately the other corners were more wide so easier to control and that one ... I wasn't even pushing that hard because the first lap was the best one. The performance was not the same on the second lap time for the option tyres, which is the other way to the prime. On the prime you are getting better and better and on the option there is only one lap.

"It seems to be that for one lap the new tyres are absorbing the problems of the car and for the second lap we are back to having these kinds of problems."

And Maldonado believes Singapore will still mark probably his best chance to score his first points of the season.

"Maybe yes. Even Japan should be a good opportunity for us as well because it's a high-downforce track. So hopefully here and in Japan we can score some points."