Lewis Hamilton admits Nico Rosberg's retirement in the Singapore Grand Prix has given him "a huge help" in the title race but wants to see Mercedes finishing one-two.

Rosberg failed to finish a race for the first time since the British Grand Prix and Hamilton took full advantage by winning in Singapore to take the lead of the championship. While acknowledging how helpful Rosberg's retirement is for his own title chances, Hamilton said he wants Mercedes to improve reliability to allow both drivers to fight on track.

"Well, of course the points are something..." Hamilton said. "I came here hoping to really gain those seven points and anything more than that was just a bonus, so today, of course, those extra points are a huge help. That's several DNFs we've had now on either car and we want to continue getting those one-twos still.

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"I know that the team will not be 100 percent happy today because we want to win collectively, we want to get those one-twos, we want to be the dominant team all together, so by not getting that result, they'll be going back to the drawing board trying to figure out what happened.

"They're constantly coming up to things and perhaps other people are starting to be a bit more reliable than us so that's an area that we can still definitely improve on."

Reflecting on his own race, Hamilton thanked the team for a "spectacular" car and said he believes he and Rosberg would have had a close fight for the victory.

"Coming here and to the last six races with a great race in Monza, knowing that we had a car to compete here, obviously yesterday in qualifying it was very close between everyone so I didn't really know what to expect today - but got off cleanly. Of course it would have been a hardcore race if Nico was in the race with me as the car was feeling very good and we would have been very strong.

"Amazing job from the team and the guys back at the factory. The car was really spectacular in the race."


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What Hamilton really meant was that he wanted Rosberg there so he could beat him fair and square. Again.