Felipe Massa says he "was driving like a grandmother" to get to the end of the Singapore Grand Prix on old tyres.

After jumping Kimi Raikkonen during the first round of pit stops, Massa switched to soft tyres on lap 22 and was then told to try and get to the end of the race without another stop after a safety car period. Massa managed to hold on to fifth place despite 38 laps on one set of tyres - unlike team-mate Valtteri Bottas who dropped from sixth to 11th on the final lap - and he said it was the best result he could have achieved.

"Not for Valtteri, I feel sorry for him because he was right behind me for the whole race, but for me ... definitely I think we finished in the best position we could finish, so I'm very happy with the race," Massa said. "I'm very happy with what we did. The strategy I was behind Kimi so we managed to stop before, I passed him and stayed in front of him for the rest of the race.

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"So the team did a great job. I wasn't so sure about keeping the tyres until the end. For me it was not possible to stay until the end but I completely changed my driving style and I managed to keep the tyres until the end. For me that was really positive, so I'm very happy with what we did in the race."

Asked how he adapted his driving style, Massa replied: "I was driving like a grandmother!"

And Massa explained that he hadn't believed the team was making the right call when telling him to try to make his soft tyres last as he'd used them heavily early in the stint.

"I was pushing very hard on the first laps on the prime tyres. Kimi was just behind me pushing hard as well, so I was really attacking and pushing hard, I did maybe nine or eight laps and then we had the safety car which was many laps - more than I expected - and then I managed to stay until the end. So I did maybe 38 laps.

"Three laps after the restart [I was told to get to the end] and I was pushing in these three laps so for me it was a joke when they said that because there was maybe 25 laps to go or something. It was really a lot."