Christian Horner says Red Bull will not employ team orders until it is mathematically impossible for one of its drivers to win the championship.

Daniel Ricciardo has emerged as the nearest challenger to the two Mercedes drivers and Nico Rosberg's retirement in the Singapore Grand Prix offered the chance to reduce the gap substantially. However, Ricciardo was beaten to second place by team-mate Sebastian Vettel, and Horner said there had been no thoughts about employing team orders to improve Ricciardo's chances because Vettel can technically still win the title himself.

"Both have mathematically got a chance," Horner said. "It's a long shot and it's down to them racing each other on the track. It would be wrong to interfere with that in the situation we're in and let them race as we saw. ... Daniel is totally comfortable and happy with that.

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"If there was a realistic chance of Daniel winning and Sebastian was mathematically out of the championship then we'd do the best we can for the team but the situation we're in at the moment it's a long shot."

And Horner even went as far to say he doesn't think it's realistic for Red Bull to think it can win the title despite reliability issues hampering Mercedes.

"They have an enormous advantage at this point. We'll take it one race at a time. There's both of them still just in it and both have taken a chunk of points out of Nico. Daniel, OK he's conceded three points to Seb but is that going to make the difference? Impossible to say with a crystal ball at this stage but at the moment it doesn't make sense to interfere with team orders."