McLaren is not planning to make any announcement regarding its 2015 driver line-up at the Japanese Grand Prix, despite next year's engine tie-up with Honda.

While revealing the pairing at the Japanese giant's home race would seem logical, racing director Eric Boullier insists that there is no pressure to do so, even if the line-up was pretty much decided.

McLaren has been variously linked to Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in recent weeks but, even though rumours of the Spaniard's imminent return to Woking were doing the rounds in Marina Bay, the team is still thought more likely to retain its current pairing of Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen with none of the 'big names' expected to be available for the 2015 campaign.

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"[There are] absolutely no plans to announce anything yet," Boullier teased in the wake of the Singapore Grand Prix, "[The decision is] more or less open - and more or less decided. Please don't twist my arm...."

Asked whether he or team owner Ron Dennis would have the final say on the line-up, Boullier deferred to seniority, but insisted that they were singing from the same sheet.

"Ron has last call as owner of the company... or the board has last call but, on this one, Ron and I are quite transparent and open together," he confirmed, "We have our view, we may have some differences in the timing, but we are okay in what we expect, what we want, where we want to go and it's okay."