Monisha Kaltenborn says Sauber wouldn't rule out merging with another team but says its base would have to remain in Switzerland.

Following comments from Bernie Ecclestone that F1 could be set for eight three-car teams in 2015, Kaltenborn admitted that Sauber continues to struggle when it comes to raising budget. Asked about the possibility of a merger, Kaltenborn said that it would be something that Sauber would be open to - having been approached by Caterham about such a move last winter - but said the team's location made a satisfactory one difficult.

"Whatever the deal is, it just has to make sense for us, and, because of our location in Switzerland, it's a bit difficult to have a team down the road come and say 'let's get together on this'," she explained, "So if one does something like this with us you have to be fully aware of the fact that since major assets that a team needs are in Switzerland and not in let's say England, I can't pack up my windtunnel and go across.

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"So you have to really be prepared then to have your centre there and it wouldn't be wise to lose the efficiency we have. We have a very high efficiency in our team, we didn't do that with BMW as well although were just some 300-odd kilometres away. They maintained the entity, the way it is, the structures we have to have that efficiency at a high level.

"So, if something like this comes up, I think we would have to really have the centre still where we are and then see what the other team is willing to give up."