Felipe Massa has praised Williams for continuing development on its 2014 car to help its battle with Ferrari in the constructors' championship.

Williams currently lies nine points clear of Ferrari in the fight for third place with five races remaining. With the two teams so closely matched, Williams is bringing an update to Suzuka for this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix which Massa says shows the strength of the team this season.

Asked about the details of the update, Massa replied: "It's basically all around the car.

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"I hope that the car can be more competitive, it's nice that at a race getting towards the end of the season we still have some upgrades on the car, some new pieces," Massa said. "I don't think we can see that in other teams. Many teams are already thinking about next year; we are thinking about next year but we still have pieces that are coming and I think that's positive.

"We also know how important the championship is for us, so we keep fighting and I hope these new pieces are helping us in a good way to finish the season well."

And Massa believes Williams has a straight run to the end of the season in terms of its car being suited to the majority of the remaining tracks.

"I think we can fight with them. Maybe the points which were not so strong for us were maybe the race in Monaco or Hungary or Singapore, but we don't have that anymore so I think we can do everything on a similar level and maybe even better. I'm really confident that we can do a good job compared to Ferrari."

And one area Massa feels Williams has an edge over Ferrari is race strategy, highlighting it as a weakness at his former team.

"I don't think Ferrari is the best team to compare with in terms of strategies. I had so many problems when I was there in the past, some strategies that didn't work and we also saw in the last race that maybe they didn't do a good strategy as well. So maybe if you compare to Red Bull or to Mercedes I think they are a little bit better but I don't think Ferrari is a fantastic example of a team in terms of strategies."