Lewis Hamilton has praised Nico Rosberg's strong mentality, saying his team-mate won't be affected by trailing in the drivers' championship at this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix.

Rosberg retired from the race in Singapore while Hamilton took victory to retake the championship lead for the first time since Monaco. However, Hamilton said Rosberg has always been able to deal well with such setbacks throughout his career and he expects his team-mate to come out firing at Suzuka.

Asked if the 25-point swing could impact on Rosberg psychologically, Hamilton replied: "I don't think so, personally.

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"Nico is such a strong competitor. Since we were young kids he has always been so strong mentally, confident and sure of his abilities. He's shown time and time again his pace, his speed and he's also shown how he overcomes things quickly.

"I think he handled the last race with dignity. He was positive, it felt - from what I can see - like he moved on very quickly. So I anticipate that he will be here stronger than ever and so I need to be ready for that."

And Hamilton said his own mindset had not changed as a result of taking the lead in the standings with five races remaining.

"It doesn't change the approach, it doesn't really change anything for me. I'm still here to do the same job and both of us are still chasing for that title. So I don't think anything needs to change; I don't need to do any more or any less of anything. If anything I'm more encouraged by the opportunity that lays ahead.

"To arrive at a racetrack knowing that we can fight for a win ... it never gets old. I count my blessings because in my racing career I've not always had the car that I could arrive and know that I could win with, I would know that we could maybe fight for fifth place. So it's great to come knowing that we've got a car that we're improving on and will get stronger but also this weekend could be great."


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But for sure the best at bragging about himself and at self-aggrandizing. [\blockquote]

Hell, next to him Mansell sounds like a humble priest![\blockquote]

Thing is, with Mansell's Brummy accent, not many people could understand him!