Kimi Raikkonen hopes to be able to get the same feeling from his Ferrari in the Japanese Grand Prix as he had in Singapore as the car "felt easy to drive again".

Qualifying in Singapore saw Raikkonen among a number of cars in contention for pole position before an electronic issue prevented him setting his final time in Q3, hurting his chances in the race. However, Raikkonen said the progress was clear to him and he will be searching for the same handling from his Ferrari at Suzuka this weekend.

"[The car] improved race-by-race and we made some steps to get a better feeling," Raikkonen said. "We had some new parts again to help those and the circuit, tyres, the combination of conditions; it was probably the best feeling there has been all year.

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"It felt easy to drive again and once you get that feeling obviously things get much easier. You don't guess every corner what is going to happen and you don't fight with the car. Hopefully we can keep going in that direction and make sure it's the same case in every condition and every race."

And Raikkonen said he would not change his driving style to adapt to the problems he has with the car as he feels that would mask issues that require fixing.

"I don't see the point or need to change the driving style. I couldn't drive differently any faster, it's not how I drive, we have to fix the issue and then you will get a good result. I can drive around some issues but I know that it will never be as good as fixing the main issue and driving as I always do.

"I've been in Formula One for quite a few years, I didn't change it and I will never change it because it's not the right way of fixing problems."