Daniel Ricciardo insists that he must have made other team owners aware of his ability in an F1 car, but says that no-one has tried to prise him away from Red Bull Racing for next year.

The Australian has been one of the surprise stars of 2014, out-performing four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel after being promoted to the full RBR line-up from Toro Rosso over the winter, and remains an outside threat for the world title should Mercedes stumble on the run-in.

Asked whether his results had prompted interest from other teams, however, Ricciardo sounded almost disappointed that no-one had enquired as to his availability for 2015, even though he clearly believes a world championship crown is possible with his current team.

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"No team principal has come up and pulled me aside in the pit-lane and said anything," he noted with his tongue firmly in cheek, "But I'm not too naive either. I'm sure there's interest, but its one of those things - I'm sure other teams are aware of what I've done this year [but there's been] nothing blatant. I'm definitely here next year and, if I don't get the goods this year, I hope to get it next year..."

After a battery problem slowed his progress in Singapore, allowing team-mate Vettel to rack up his best result of the season in second spot, Ricciardo was pleased to report that the issue had been uncovered and fixed ahead of Suzuka.

"Yeh, without the problem, I would probably have won by 12-15secs!" he joked, "Obviously things happen, so it's not like it never happens again, but we understood what it was. It cost me probably a bit more lap time than I thought it did, but to still get up on the podium was a good day.

"Technically, I can't really explain so much, but basically it wasn't releasing full beans so, if I had the KERS on, the release wasn't on all the time and, even if I had full charge, it wasn't releasing full charge all the time either."

Asked how he responded to the most recent comments from his team-mate, praising his performance, Ricciardo said they were a valuable source of encouragement.

"They are a pat on the back and more motivation," the Aussie confirmed, "Obviously, he is acknowledging that I am doing a good thing and I obviously realise that and want to keep it up, so that motivates me to not slack off and keep trying to find more. It's obviously nice of him to say that, but hearing those things definitely won't make me ease off!"