Ron Dennis says McLaren has not got any active contracts with drivers for the 2015 season, despite Fernando Alonso being poised to leave Ferrari.

Alonso's options appear limited, with Red Bull promoting Daniil Kvyat from Toro Rosso to replace the Ferrari-bound Sebastian Vettel. With Mercedes also having two drivers under contract for 2015, Alonso's only realistic move appears to be to McLaren - with next year's engine partner Honda keen to hire him - but Dennis says no deals are agreed with any driver.

"I'm going to tell you a simple fact," Dennis said. "We do not have a contract with any driver at this moment in time. It isn't our priority. Of course we talk, of course we do all the things that you would have expect us to do, but at this moment in time we have not go contracts that we have activated, because clearly we have driver contracts at the moment.

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"So it's not a great position to be in if you're either Jenson or Kevin, but the reality is they understand - as challenging as it is for them - our priority is to produce a winning car which they can win with.

"We don't have a contract for any driver in respect of next year, and that's a simple, factual statement. The first thing we've got to be is massively attractive to all drivers and I hope we're still very attractive to the two who are currently and more than likely will be driving the cars next year."