Daniil Kvyat has thanked Red Bull for the faith it has shown in him in promoting him from Toro Rosso and says he will keep the same approach to F1 next season.

With Sebastian Vettel announcing that he will leave Red Bull at the end of the season, Kvyat was promoted on Saturday morning to partner Daniel Ricciardo in 2015. Reflecting on the news, Kvyat said Red Bull's trust in him after just a season of racing in F1 means he will maintain his approach and back his own talent.

"I think everything's happened quite fast since I've been in F1, but I have to be thankful Red Bull for the opportunity, for the trust and faith," Kvyat said. "Of course we have been together for a long way and they know what kind of person I am so I will do my absolute best to keep the team high, my name high and our name high. It will be interesting.

"It's normal that there are expectations from the outside. At the end you have to keep doing your best job possible to keep focused on your own job. I think the general approach from myself will not change in any way. Like I said when I was coming in to Formula One I will just do my best and I think that's the best thing I can do right now. There are no miracles, you just have to rely on your own capabilities."

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And Kvyat also said he wasn't surprised to see team-mate Jean-Eric Vergne overlooked for the Red Bull seat.

"No I'm not surprised to be honest. It's clear last year when they picked Daniel... I mean Jean-Eric is a great driver, I have to admit this. He is very, very quick, experienced as well, but in the end experience itself - I've been racing for a long time still even if it's only my first year in F1. There are some things that you can only learn by doing them and I believe that's what's going to happen to me.

"I believe already this year that experience itself is not playing a big role for Jean-Eric. But he has been a fantastic benchmark for me. We have been pushing each other and he's been pushing me a lot. It's helped myself to develop a lot as a driver this year, since the beginning I've had a really high benchmark because we know that JEV and Daniel were really, really close last year."