Romain Grosjean says the Russian Grand Prix will be a tough race for all the F1 drives but believes Jules Bianchi would want them to race.

Bianchi remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital after colliding with a recovery tractor during the Japanese Grand Prix. Grosjean said it's been a tough week since the incident, but is sure his fellow Frenchman would want the drivers to race this weekend at Sochi.

"Of course it's a tough event for all of us," Grosjean said. "I've known Jules for a long time, we've been doing training together, he is a wonderful driver, he's a very nice young guy and the only thing I will say is that it's very, very unfortunate that the car went straight in to the tractor."

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Asked if he had been able to visit Bianchi in hospital, Grosjean replied: "No unfortunately.

"It was more for his family and very close people to be with him. To be fair I haven't slept very well since that and my thoughts are with him. But on the other hand I know that if he could say something right now he would say 'Hey guys, come on, you have a grand prix to achieve, go for it'."

And Grosjean - who became a father last year - said the incident has not caused him to question his participation in the sport.

"I know the risks we take. My wife knows it, my son is a bit young to know it, but we love the sport. We've all had bad crashes in the past, we know that it's dangerous. I think the day that you're scared by what you do, you stop. I'm in love with Formula One, I'm in love with racing and I know Jules is as well."