Lewis Hamilton says he is ignoring any speculation about his F1 future despite recent movement in the driver market.

Sebastian Vettel is set to join Ferrari having announced his departure from Red Bull, with Fernando Alonso poised to make way. Alonso is keen on a switch to Mercedes - leaving Hamilton to be linked with a return to McLaren - but Hamilton says his future is not something he is considering at this stage of the season.

"To be honest I'm not really thinking about stuff much," Hamilton said. "There are two things really that are on my mind. I'm fully focused on the championship, it's a real surprise actually, I'm quite happy about it. I'm only thinking about the racing, improving on past experiences. I'm not actually sitting here thinking 'OK, I've had three wins', I've not really thought about that. If I do reflect on it it's been incredible.

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"I just remember years of getting one win and then you don't win for ages. It's very surreal this year, you've had that period time where you get two wins in a row, you get three or four years in a row; it's been like no other year that I've ever experienced in my racing career, so it's been great. Otherwise my mind is really with Jules [Bianchi] and his family.

"I think it's an interesting time in Formula One. Drivers making changes, top drivers making changes, a lot of fiction, a lot of silly stories going around. Whoever is starting those silly conversations; I always have made it clear that I'm here to do a job. I have a contract until the end of next year, we have confirmed that we will sit down and talk about the future at the end of the year when the most important thing is done.

"Mercedes helped me get to Formula One, I've been here since I was 13 ... so I feel pretty relaxed but I'm also aware of what goes on in the business. So I'm aware that those people are trying to intervene. All I can do is do what I've done up until now. I think hopefully my performance speaks for itself."

However, Hamilton admitted focusing on the inaugural Russian Grand Prix is tough in the wake of Bianchi's accident at Suzuka.

"It's not easy. It's very strange to be sat here doing interviews about racing, sitting in media scrums talking about the race and talking about last week. It isn't easy. Most weekends you come and you talk about the excitement of the championship, the excitement of the races, but this is just a different weekend and thoughts are elsewhere.

"But we also have a great opportunity this weekend for the sport in terms of first time here in Russia; that's huge. So far what I've seen it's a stunning country. Moscow I was really, really impressed, and then arriving here feels completely different to Moscow. I didn't realise Russia really had mountains! I hadn't really thought about it, just associate Russia with cold weather, vodka, beautiful women and snow! That's what I've seen in the movies, but the weather's been incredible.

"It's also great to see how enthusiastic people are here. They're so excited ... to just have a grand prix is huge. It's huge I think for the Olympics as well, so I think this could be the start of something special for the future with Russia."