Nico Rosberg says he will attempt to put the difficulties of the past few days aside and keep his 'focus' on the F1 title fight in Russia as he looks to recover ground against team-mate and rival Lewis Hamilton.

Over the last three races, Rosberg has seen his 29 point advantage over Mercedes counterpart Hamilton transformed into a 10 point deficit after finishing behind his team-mate in Monza and Suzuka, as well as suffering a technical DNF in Singapore.

With momentum against him and his shock in the wake of Jules Bianchi's accident during the Japanese Grand Prix, Rosberg nonetheless insists he will nonetheless come out fighting for the inaugural Russian Grand Prix.

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"I don't dwell over the last couple of weeks," he responded when asked about his recent loss of ground to Hamilton. "I am here in Sochi and I know that if I do a good job I will win on Sunday and that is it.

"It is difficult because of the shocking circumstances," he added, referring to Bianchi's accident. "Here it is coming out again because of seeing people that are closer than perhaps I am, but there is a job to be done and when I get into that car and close my visor I want to put everything aside as always, all thoughts and emotions, and be fully focused on the job in hand."

Looking back on the Japanese Grand Prix, where Rosberg complained of difficulties in handling his Mercedes in the wet conditions, the German says the issues were simply a poor set-up on the car.

"The summary is that as a team we had a poor set-up on the car. Not because we did a bad job, but it was unpredictable circumstances so we were not able to prepare for those circumstances all weekend. We knew the rain was coming and it didn't surprise us, but we didn't expect the car to be balanced as it was in the rain.

"There was massive oversteer, which is why we had so much degradation than for example Red Bull. They were looking better than us on the inters' just because our balance was so far off.

"The only conclusion I can get to is my team-mate got to grips with the car balance better than I did. For me, I like he confidence in the car and at the Suzuka track with massive oversteer, when you are switching sides all the time, I didn't feel comfortable and I wasn't able to push as a result."