The new Sochi Autodrom circuit has been given a thumbs up by the F1 drivers following the first day of track action ahead of the inaugural Russian Grand Prix.

The all-new track, which wends its way through the Olympic Park - built for this February's winter games -, was considered pre-event as akin to the former Valencia street circuit on paper, though many found this not to be the case when they got to sample it for themselves.

Even so, much of the feedback for the high-speed 5.8km track was positive, with Daniel Ricciardo admitting it was harder to master than he was expecting.

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"More technical and difficult than it looked on paper," he said. "It seemed quite hard to get the lap together and quite a few off camber corners which isn't always fun for a driver, but it does make it challenging and I think a lot more mistakes were made from quite a few guys.

"It's a nice track," added Williams' Felipe Massa. "For sure it's the first day and on the first day you always need to understand corner by corner, see where you're doing well, see where you need to improve, see where you need to find some different lines, so today was more or less like that. But I think it was good."

Ricciardo and Hulkenberg both agree that overtaking seems most likely to occur at the end of the two straights, rather than the tighter infield.

"I think the corners in the infield it is very difficult to overtake and will only really happen on the two main straights," said Force India's Nico Hulkenberg. "It will be difficult because the braking zone is around a little bend and it is quite difficult to make it stick and you can straight line into one corner, so overtaking is on the difficult side here."