Nico Rosberg had to settle for second in qualifying for the inaugural Russian Grand Prix and freely admitted that team-mate and pole sitter Lewis Hamilton was just quicker.

Rosberg was two tenths slower than Hamilton in the top-ten shootout, but insisted that a front row was still good: "Today Lewis was quicker - in fact all weekend really [he has been quicker]," Rosberg said after qualifying.

"I have been working hard to try and get close. But didn't manage to get closer than those two tenths - that is the way it is. I need to accept that. Also we had Valtteri [Bottas] coming up from behind and going quick. We had to keep an eye on that."

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"But a front row is definitely okay and from there anything is possible tomorrow. It will be an interesting race," Rosberg added.

"It is unique here because there is hardly any tyre degradation because the track is so smooth on the tyres. It is completely different to anything else we have seen this year and that makes it very unique. It has been a big challenge set-up wise and everything to get to grips with the track this weekend.

"But I think it is going to be a good race tomorrow."

Quizzed further on the race and the importance of DRS, Rosberg replied: "Hopefully it will be very important. We will see."

"I think the start will be important of course [too] - there is a great opportunity there. I have been having some very good starts lately.

"I am quite confident for that."