A number of F1 drivers say they would back the introduction of a speed limit in double waved yellow flag zones.

In the wake of Jules Bianchi's crash in the Japanese Grand Prix, the FIA is discussing the prospect of limiting speeds in sectors where double waved yellow flags are displayed, rather than automatically deploying the safety car. Following a meeting between drivers and the FIA, Fernando Alonso said he'd mentioned the idea on Friday and believes it's the fairest way of slowing everyone down in such a situation.

"I support it," Alonso said. "In fact, I raised the point in the drivers' briefing. During Japan and Singapore I went to an indoor karting circuit, and when there is a yellow flag they push a button and the engine cuts, and everybody goes at the same speed.

"If some kind of system can be done in F1, that it's the same for everybody, that everybody maintains the same gap, there is no crash, there is nothing to be done, just to go with the limit of the speed, then that is a good thing."

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Lewis Hamilton supported the concept put forward by Alonso, and said he was pleased to see the FIA being so proactive in the circumstances.

"It's good," Hamilton said. "We had a drivers' meeting with Jean Todt on Friday and one of the ideas that came out is in electric karts when a flag comes out all the engines die or limiters are put on, which is quite good. What's good is the FIA are reacting to it, they're trying to find the best solution.

"The problem with flags is that you want to be safe, but you want to lose as little time as possible, so you're on a knife edge on with it. So if they put a limiter in that takes the pressure off us from doing anything or cutting our chances of making mistakes."

And Sebastian Vettel said the technology is available to F1 teams to implement such a change if it deems it the best possible solution.

"Last week showed we definitely have to do something, and we have the technology to do a lot," Vettel said. "But we need to find what is the best (solution). If we talk about a speed limit then what kind of speed limit?

"What needs to be done is to make it as fair as possible. I'm sure we have the opportunity with the current systems and technology. It shouldn't be a big problem. It's just about finding the right compromise so everyone is happy. Hopefully by the latest next year (at the start) we've found something and we're all happy with that.

"For now, it's something I agree with. It doesn't hurt to introduce something like that because our priority is safety, and after that is the sport, so we want to make it as fair as we can."


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I believe pit lane speed limiters were brought in during the 1994 season after the events of Imola to improve safety

This seems a more practical & pragmatic solution than some of the other safety 'ideas' that have been banded about since Suzuka.
The drivers themselves admit that they (understandably) only slow down slightly under double waved yellows which defeats the object.
By having an automated system nobody is disadvantaged and speeds will be reduced appropriately.