Toto Wolff admits Mercedes' joy at its first constructors' championship has been tempered by Jules Bianchi's accident in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Mercedes won its first ever constructors' title in Sunday's Russian Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton led home Nico Rosberg for a one-two in Sochi. However, with the achievement coming just a week after Bianchi was left in a critical but stable condition in hospital in Japan, when asked if it took the shine off Mercedes' championship celebrations, Wolff replied: "Of course.

"A colleague and a very talented young driver who I've known since very early days in Formula 3 and Formula Renault is fighting for his life. We are not monsters, so you can't forget that.

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"We must split it. On the one side we have worked so hard for that day [to win the championship] but on the other side it will never take away what happened last week."

With Mercedes having been so dominant this year, Wolff says the target is to extend that form over a number of years but he is aware of the challenges the team will face to do so.

"We've barely won one championship and we're already faced with multiple tsunamis hitting us from all sides in order to restore the order. That is what history shows us with Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull, but somebody said yesterday's home runs don't win tomorrow's games and that's true; you can't rely on history and saying that's how it's always been.

"This game has gained so much pace in years before but I think we have what it needs. We have great people and all the right resources, two great drivers and these are the ingredients to be on top. But then we must be realistic about what we can expect from the next years and of course our target is to continue the way we did, but we all know that things have to end sometime. But we are hopefully far away from that..."


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Is it really Mercedes' championship???
They bought into the Northampton Ilmor engine operation which had been supplying them with motors and they bought the ex-BRM / Honda / Brawn operation at Brackley.
Most of the engineers and key staff are British.
Merc just paracuted in a few Germans into senior management positions and it is arguably the case that the weakest part of this operation is its management.

rob01: Cliff. I take it your a Brit. There are British workers on every team. You taking credit for those efforts as well? Some others not doing so well on that front.[\blockquote]

Yes & I am not taking credit for anybody's efforts.
Ferrari make their own car.
Renault make their own engines.
Teams like McLaren, RedBull etc are independent operations.
What I take issue with is Mercedes sticking their badge on and taking credit for the efforts and inventiveness of others.