Jules Bianchi's father says "the situation is desperate" following his son's crash in the Japanese Grand Prix, but is convinced "he will not give up".

After hitting a recovery tractor at high speed during the race at Suzuka, Bianchi underwent emergency surgery on a severe head injury and remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital. Speaking to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Philippe Bianchi said his son will keep fighting.

"The situation is desperate," said Philippe Bianchi. "Every time the telephone goes, we know it could be the hospital to tell us that Jules is dead. He will not give up, I'm sure of that. I can see it. I believe it."

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And Philippe Bianchi says doctors have told him that it is "already a miracle" that his son has survived such an accident to this stage.

"I speak to him. I know he can hear me. His doctors have told us that this is already a miracle, no one has ever survived such a serious accident. But Jules won't give-up. His trainer Andrea [Ferrari] says that if there is one person who can make it happen with his will, it's Jules."