Fernando Alonso says it is unlikely that he will be left without a race seat in 2015 as doubts over his future grow.

With Sebastian Vettel poised to join Ferrari next season, Alonso will leave the team despite having two years still to run on his contract. Crash.net understands that Mercedes was Alonso's primary target, but that he may have to wait until 2016 when Lewis Hamilton's contract is currently set to expire.

That leaves the potential for a short-term deal at McLaren - although the team is not keen on a one-year contract - or sitting out next season to wait for a potential Mercedes chance. However, asked about the likelihood of not having a race seat in 2015, Alonso replied: "Probably not a big risk."

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And Alonso said he is relaxed about the situation surrounding his future, although wouldn't confirm whether or not it will have been finalised by the next race in Austin.

"We will see. I am not in a hurry. As I said in Suzuka I understand the curiosity and I understand the fans like news about the future, but do not worry. Relax, enjoy and when it's time to know it, you will know it. I said in Suzuka my mind is set for the last two or three months, and when you know it you will understand that it was probably very obvious what I will do.

"I will do the best for my future, the best for the future of Ferrari as well because it has been my priority for the last seven years, so my decisions inside and outside the car was to help this fantastic team. I am extremely happy with the things in hand."


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All in all though, I find it hard to believe that Alonso would burn all his bridges with Ferrari if he didn't already have something concrete in his hands.

George Zaidan: Alonso is not stupid, if he doesn't leave Ferrari, Kimi will be paid to leave that's a deal he already obviously made and he has not come out saying he is leaving Ferrari nor has Ferrari said he is leaving.[\blockquote]

I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere earlier that Alonso's relationship with the team had deteriorated to such an extent that had requested to be released from his contract and that Ferrari had agreed.
As such Kimi doesn't need to be paid off - the 2015 Ferrari team is likely to be KR and SB.

The options then seem to hinge around Hamilton. There has been speculation that Lewis might go back to McLaren in a big money deal bankrolled by Honda. You can see the attraction of this, probably bringing the number 1 plate with him. If this happened then a seat would free up at Mercedes.

Yet Wolff has indicated that a contract extension for Lewis is in the offing so it seems hard to imagine they would let him go willingly.

I just have to throw this out there because I haven't seen it anywhere else - What are the chances Alonso could leave F1, like his pal Mark Webber, and spearhead a Ferrari Le Mans project?
Think about it: the "two or three month" timeline Alonso talked about would be somehwat correct, Luca suggested a Ferrari Prototype was possible, and Alonso showed a special interest in this year's 24.
Just a thought...