Niki Lauda has urged Mercedes to focus on ensuring both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have an equal chance to win the drivers' title after celebrating its first constructors' championship.

Hamilton opened up a 17-point lead over Rosberg with victory at the Russian Grand Prix, while the one-two also ensured Mercedes took the constructors' title for the first time in its history. Addressing the team at the factories in Brackley and Brixworth, non-executive chairman Lauda said there can be no let-up from Mercedes in the final races with another title on the line.

"I'm very happy to stand in front of everybody here today," Lauda said. "Many years ago, I was fighting as a racing driver to achieve a World Championship. You win one race, you lose another, you keep going until one day you are World Champion. On the evening I became World Champion I thought I hadn't done a bad job, as I had driven the car to the title.

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"Standing here today, however, is a totally different experience. Every one of our people can now call themselves a World Champion - and that is because they have all worked together as a winning team.

"We have three more races and we must keep on pushing to make sure our drivers have an equal chance to win their title. Then, we must push even harder to keep winning year after year - and it will only get tougher. But I believe we have the people to do that. It's a great achievement."


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bazza22: Hey Taz: We all know about your dislike for Hamilton, and I'm sure you have your reasons, but next year when the other teams have caught up with Merc, which driver would you honestly want in your car, Rosberg or Hamilton? [\blockquote]

Well, if they unfreeze engine development for next year, there is very little chance that any other team will catch up with Merc.
If the engine freeze remains there is ZERO chance of any other team catching up with Merc.