Williams head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley believes an engine unfreeze in F1 would lead to status quo at large cost.

Ferrari and Renault want to be able to bring a raft of updates to the power unit during the season from next year onwards, with the current regulations preventing any performance development once the engines have been frozen ahead of the first race. However, Mercedes - which enjoys a large performance advantage at present but was open to discussions over an unfreeze - has rejected the idea.

When it was put to Smedley that Williams would want to protect the advantage it has with Mercedes, he replied: "I don't think it's an advantage.

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"What you have to consider is what benefit does that bring to the sport? Yes, Mercedes has got the march on the manufacturers, but if we open up the engine regulations Mercedes aren't going to sit still. Mercedes are going to do an awful lot of work and put an awful lot of investment in this generation of power unit and come out with something that is much bigger, better and stronger - as will Renault and as will Ferrari.

"In the end, the argument, I think, is that we will have effectively status quo and nobody will move forward or backward. We will end up where we are and there will be a great deal of cost involved that has to be offset somewhere. What Formula One doesn't need right at this moment in time is everyone incurring a huge amount of cost for no benefit to the show or anybody else."


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Isn't it obvious that at Mercedes powered team and Lotus disagree? They just don't want to lose the advantage. And who can blame them. But on the spectators point of view, it's really becoming boring, because every weekend it's either rosberg or hamilton on pole and on sunday's it's either the two will win. So what about Ricciardo? His win is a result of unreliability of the Mercedes but if Mercedes is reliable theres no chance redbull could have won. Yes there are rules but rules should be inclined for a better competition, not dominance. Can anyone say there is still competition in F1 outside Mercedes team? None

These comments don't make any logical sense.
Yes, Mercedes could improve but their motor is already so good that any improvements would be incremental.
The potential to improve a motor that is at say 95% efficiency is much less than one that is say 80% efficiency (like Renault, Ferrari (& possibly Honda).
It's called the Law of Diminishing Returns.
So rather than maintaining the status quo it would lead to a more level playing field.
Something that teams with the Mercedes motor don't want ....