Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says an engine unfreeze is important for F1 and requires the teams to look beyond self-interest.

Talks in Singapore appeared to move the sport closer to a change of regulations which would have allowed engine manufacturers to update their power units at an agreed time during 2015. However, Mercedes is now keen to stick with the current regulations which see the power units frozen ahead of the first race and only reliability changes allowed.

While there is a cost concern to be taken in to consideration, Horner said the Russian Grand Prix showed just how far Mercedes is in terms of power unit performance and believes giving all the manufacturers the chance to develop would be beneficial to the sport.

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"I think for Formula One it's important," Horner said. "We saw [in Sochi] with Nico [Rosberg]'s performance; the true performance is they can drive through the field. It's too out of kilter, with five Mercedes-powered cars in the top five. The immaturity of this technology is still quite raw and I think Mercedes shouldn't be afraid of competition.

"They're doing a super job but I think it's healthy for Formula One that Ferrari, Honda, Renault should have that ability to close that gap, otherwise we're going to end up in a very stagnant position."

And Horner admitted the main way to get Mercedes to agree to allow the power units to be developed is to show it that the sport can benefit as a whole.

"I think it's a bigger issue than just about the teams. It's about what's right for the sport, what's right for the fans. It's easy to take a self-interest position, but when you look at what is the right thing for Formula One? I think it's to have competition.

"The rules are the rules as they are at the moment, but I think we need to be big enough to say let's open it a little bit, be responsible on costs so that there is no cost impact for the customer teams but have that competition."


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What if Honda somehow produce an even better engine than Mercedes and Mclaren wins a lot of races, I bet Toto wolf would be joining Horner for engine unfreeze. I agree that the engine should be unfreeze for a certain number of years so that the performance would equalize before any engine freeze would be implemented. Give them maybe 3 yrs then freeze it, that is the best solution

richard: its a RENAULT problem. red bull havent started making engines yet. do you not want all engines to be close in performance so that we can have some good racing? just wait until seb gets his hands on the new ferrari with its improved engine. you will be mad that your idol, ferdi, jumped ship![\blockquote]

New Ferrari with its improved engine?
How is that going to happen when there is currently an engine freeze?