Caterham team principal Manfredi Ravetto says he is no longer in control of the F1 team as Tony Fernandes still has ownership.

Speaking exclusively to following the news that Caterham's buyers were considering pulling out, Ravetto said he is no longer in control of the running of the team.

"I've been asked by my direct superior entities to step back and this I have to follow," Ravetto said. "So I presume that now the owners of Caterham F1 Team - who I understand is still Mr Fernandes - has to make all necessary steps from now on. I don't know how to answer this question. I would have known after last week but the scenario has now drastically changed."

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And Ravetto confirmed that there was a risk that Caterham may not be on the grid in Austin, having been confident up until the latest developments.

Asked if he expects the team to race in United States, Ravetto replied: "This I cannot say because we have been keeping the normal race preparations until today. What happens from tomorrow onwards is not under my control anymore."

Asked if a resolution could be found to the current situation before Austin, Ravetto said: "I hope so, but it's beyond my knowledge and control really. I'm purely an executor."

And Ravetto said he "definitely" felt the team would have seen out the season, saying good progress had been made in trying to safeguard its future.

"Actually we had everything in place including some relevant driver negotiations for both next year and possibilities for the end of this year including the young driver test, Friday practice etc. So actually, as I said many times, we had everything to finish the season and even to progress."