Lotus will test a revised nose on its car during practice for the United States Grand Prix as it looks for solutions to next year's regulations.

The current twin tusk design has been outlawed in a regulation tweak aimed at improving the look of the noses. Lotus technical director Nick Chester confirmed that the team would be testing a 2015 nose during FP1 in Austin but says it is just a case of putting a part from next year's car on to the current chassis to gather data.

"This will be for evaluation and aero data logging," Chester said. "It's something we're doing as part of our preparations for the E23 Hybrid, next year's car. It won't be the definite launch E23 nose but it is an E23-style nose that we are putting on an E22 for evaluation. We don't expect it to perform as such on the current car as it hasn't been optimised for the E22 but it will still be an interesting comparison.

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The nose will only be run in FP1, with the team yet to decide which driver will test the new part.

Chester also explained that development on the 2015 Lotus is well advanced, with the team switching to Mercedes power next season.

"Nearly all of the resources are on the E23 now and a good chunk of them have been for some time. We are starting to laminate the first race chassis which is on schedule. Gearboxes have been cast and will be machined shortly. We have pretty much finalised the cooling system. We have also been discussing various aspects with Mercedes while we finalise the power unit installation. Most of the suspension is designed now, so we are really a good way along."