Sebastian Vettel says he is "not allowed" to announce where he will be driving in 2015 yet, but refused to elaborate on the reason why.

Having announced his departure from Red Bull during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, Vettel's destination next season was confirmed as Ferrari by Christian Horner. However, with Ferrari yet to officially announce that Fernando Alonso will leave the team, when asked why he couldn't say who he will drive for next season Vettel replied: "Because I'm not allowed yet!

"I think once it's out you can probably make it out yourself."

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And Vettel said his impending departure from Red Bull has not had an impact on his relationship with the team, despite admitting it will not release him from his contract a few days early.

"No, not really [any different]. We're still trying to work on the same things, trying to increase our performance for the last couple of races. Surely if you're talking about things for next year then I'm not that involved, but I think that's normal once you make clear that you won't be around."