Fernando Alonso admits his next move in F1 is "probably" the last chance he will have to win a third world championship.

Having won back-to-back championships in 2005 and 2006, Alonso has missed out on numerous occasions since and is coming to the end of five seasons with Ferrari without winning the title. With Sebastian Vettel set to join from Red Bull, Alonso is poised to leave the team and admits his next team is likely to present him with his final chance of winning the championship.

"Probably yes," Alonso said. "But winning or not winning is a matter of being in the right place at the right moment. Getting the respect of everyone has more value sometimes. These five years at Ferrari, when I joined in September 2009 I didn't have the respect that I have now.

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"I didn't win [the championship] in five years and it was difficult, but I grew up as a driver and as a person as well. Definitely I want to win and I want to win the third title, and I am sure that I will have the opportunity in the next years."

With his future yet to be announced, Alonso admitted it is not yet confirmed but he insists it is not his priority at present.

"I know, yes. I more or less know. The first priority at the moment is to work on the track and there are a lot of things that can happen on the track at the next few races and we need to deliver those results. Ferrari is fighting in the constructors' championship, so there is a massive push from the engineers, mechanics and everyone in the team to deliver some good results. This is the first priority at the moment. My own future is very low priority at the moment. In my opinion I know there is some speculations and rumours, but they are normal when you are in Formula One."

However, Alonso then claimed that he is "very, very excited" about his future plans if they come to fruition.

"I cannot say categorically anything now. I think that there is a very ambitious plan in my head for my future and I think this is the best thing for Ferrari as well. If that happens then people will be very, very excited - as I am. I am extremely happy and all the things in the last two or three months follow exactly the plan that I had.

"There is still some difficult weeks with Jules' accident and other things that happened, which stopped also me and made the situation become more emotional. At the moment we need to respect the competition, that is what we are here for and to race on Sunday at 200%. Also, with this Jules situation it is still a sad atmosphere for everyone. We just need to deal with everything.

"It's not a problem of what the people outside want or think or even what Ferrari may want. At the end of the day, it is my decision and what I want and what I need to do for my future. I will try to do the best for me as well as for Ferrari because I always did that. We are moving in that direction and I understand everyone [having an opinion], but I need to choose."


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Love to see him in a 3-car Merc team. Then there would be quite a battle between the overrated and the underrated. By the end, they all may be rated properly.

But I doubt Merc would allow individual competition to come to fruition.[\blockquote]

I assume you are taking into consideration that Hamilton (the rookie) TIED the reigning WDC in terns of points AND wins in 2007...