As the discussion over whether F1's future could involve fewer teams running more cars rumbles on, a number of drivers have given the prospect of three-car entries a cautious thumbs up.

With Marussia and Caterham absent from this weekend's United States Grand Prix after being placed into administration, the Circuit of the Americas race is set to see just 18 cars make the start - the smallest F1 grid for almost ten years.

Once more sparking discussions about the economic state of F1 and the difficulties faced by the smaller teams to compete and survive, the debate over whether to introduce three-car teams to bolster grids again has also gathered pace.

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Though many feel it is now too late to introduce such a move for 2015, the likes of Romain Grosjean, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas support the idea of giving more drivers the chance to compete with the top teams.

"If you put it on a good team and you're racing in the same cars as what we call the superstars, then it gives you an opportunity to show how strong you and then get called one of those superstars," said Grosjean. "I think whoever is doing a good job as a driver, bringing them to the good team, like Daniel [Ricciardo], showing that he's capable of winning races. A third car would certainly help some of us to have a good reputation."

"If it's a position for a younger driver, it could be quite good," added Hamilton. "Especially bringing then on, giving them the best experience and especially putting them alongside top drivers who have the experience. Perhaps they will come along a lot more than they ever have in the past."

"I really think it's an interesting topic," says Williams driver Bottas. "Everyone wants to see more cars on the grid and the more is better, so we just need to find out how soon that would be possible for the teams to make it happen. I think it would be quite interesting. I don't see, as a driver, any downside in it really."

However, while Sergio Perez also believes it would improve opportunities for drivers, he concedes it is a shame to see smaller teams falling by the wayside.

"I think it will definitely help the opportunities of the drivers. Obviously there will be a bit more of a chance. Formula One is really limited. The spaces where you can go and where you can actually win during a year, so it can create a bit more opportunity to the drivers, as a driver point of view.

"I think it's also sad to not have so many people set out from Marussia and Caterham - so hopefully they can be in a better position for the future and, if it's good for the sport, why not? I think we should all help this sport to get better."

Similarly, Hamilton reflects on individual cost of teams being forced to withdraw from the sport.

"When I think about the two teams that have dropped out, my biggest concern really is just for all the employees in those teams that have to provide for their families that perhaps don't have a job now. If we do do this perhaps they still have space in other teams."