The FIA has announced a tweak of the qualifying format at the United States Grand Prix due to the absence of both Marussia and Caterham.

The current format sees the six slowest cars drop out at the end of Q1 and another six drop out at the end of Q2 to leave a shootout between the fastest ten cars for pole position. However, that is based on a grid of 22 cars, which has been reduced to 18 this weekend.

As a result, the FIA has opted to lose the four slowest cars at the end of the first part of qualifying, leaving 14 to go through to Q2 where another four will drop out. The format for Q3 remains unchanged.

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The FIA has also announced that both Marussia and Caterham are in breach of the Formula One Sporting Regulations by missing the race in Austin, but: "In view of the Team's current financial circumstances, the Stewards also decide not to impose any penalty.

"Because of the particular nature of the breach, the matter is referred to the attention of the FIA President."