Kamui Kobayashi says he is fighting to keep his "dream" of racing in F1 alive and hopes three-car teams could help him.

With Caterham entering administration, the team will not race in either the United States or Brazilian grands prix. With the administrator putting a two-week deadline on finding a buyer for the team, Kobayashi is set to be without a drive for 2015 and says his lack of backing makes it very difficult for him to find another seat.

"I'm here to make my dream come true, so I'm trying to find a solution without money and we'll see what I can do," Kobayashi said in the Austin paddock.

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Asked if he is hoping three-car teams are introduced, Kobayashi replied: "Actually, I'm wishing that!

"Let's see ... When I was in Formula One I was just dreaming to drive fast and try to make a more exciting race."

When pushed on what his best opportunity for staying in F1 is, Kobayashi said: "I'm looking for that! I want to stay and I'll try to do that.

"I can't bring money but I'm still happy to be a third driver to bring some opportunities."

Having not had much information from Caterham about its plight - and no direct contact about not racing in the US or Brazil - Kobayashi said he is only now able to chase other seats in anger.

"[Started looking] a few weeks ago, but I think technically I was still a Caterham driver so we could not do too much. I think from now definitely I can do more to approach [teams]. I need to negotiate, I try to move and see what I can do."

While Kobayashi expects Caterham to pick two pay drivers in Abu Dhabi if the team survives, he says he doesn't regret his move to the team this year.

"I think most of the teams are doing it like that. I'm here not because I have money; I want to be in Formula One without money, which is very difficult. I'll try. This is many drivers' dream and I need to make the dream come true. That's why I'm here.

"The stuff in the past I don't really mind, I have to say I really appreciate this experience and opportunity. At least I can say to other teams, 'OK, I have experience with the V6' and then the new guys don't need to worry that I'm not familiar with the new regulations or whatever. So I think at least my decision this year so far is good."