Daniel Ricciardo says he is pleased with how he managed to recover from missing the majority of FP1 ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

In the opening session, Ricciardo was confined to the Red Bull garage after just five laps as a result of an ERS problem. With strong winds in Austin, finding a balance was tough but Ricciardo said Red Bull managed to get a good base setup for his car which should allow him to be competitive on Saturday and Sunday.

"I think we got it in a window we can work with it," Ricciardo said. "The wind was pretty strong out there and because it's quite an open track you get affected quite a lot like that. Normally when there's wind you're never going to find a perfect balance because a headwind helps but a tailwind hurts the car a bit.

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"I think in general the pace on the long run wasn't bad and the low fuel I was sitting in the top five so it's not a bad P2 for us. Normally we're on the back foot a bit and make a step overnight but I think we've got a bit to work with.

"I enjoyed a lot of it. It was tricky for us but I think it was for everyone, maybe not Mercedes. The wind makes it pretty tricky round here, it's quite an open circuit so any form of crosswind or tailwind you get upsets the car quite a lot. We saw a few spins in P2 for a few guys so it was tricky for everyone but I think we got the car in a good window to work with."

And Ricciardo believes Red Bull is in the mix for the final podium position but doesn't expect any team to be able to challenge Mercedes.

"We're there or thereabouts. I think it's a fight to get that last spot. Mercedes are too quick but that last spot looks pretty close."